Volunteers’ Week 2017: Why Volunteer With AEA?

Volunteers’ Week 2017: Why Volunteer With AEA?

Why volunteer with AEA?

Volunteers’ Week (1st-7th June 2017) is an annual event where we celebrate the difference volunteers make to every community across the country. Giving up just a little bit of time in this way can make a big difference to both your own life and the lives of those you help. Here is our rundown on why deciding to be a volunteer for Action on Elder Abuse could be the best decision you ever made!

It’s an opportunity to meet new people. From fellow volunteers, to charity staff and, most importantly, the beneficiaries you are helping, your volunteering journey will open the doors to you meeting a diverse range of people and present the opportunity to forge new relationships.

You’ll be helping us tackle a serious issue. Around 500,000 older people are abused or neglected in the UK each year. We are the first charity to address these problems and are only charity in the United Kingdom working exclusively on the issue today. By donating just a small amount of your time, you’ll be joining our fight to eradicate elder abuse.

It’ll be a challenge. Nobody said volunteering was easy, but that’s part of the fun! Push yourself to try something new, meet a personal goal or learn a new skill. Volunteering is just as much about learning as it is about giving.

Give back to your community. Our Elder Abuse Recovery Service pairs local volunteers with older people who have been victims of elder abuse to help them achieve full recovery and put the trauma of abuse behind them. Such a role encourages community ties, and will strengthen local bonds for both volunteers and clients.

It’s fun! There’s nothing more fun than learning new skills and meeting new people. You’ll be dealing with a serious subject and people who have experienced the unthinkable, but you will get great enjoyment from what you do and will hopefully be able to inject that joy into the lives of the people you are working with.

Be part of a team. Here at AEA we have a group of people dedicated to one cause: eradicating elder abuse. Joining our fight is a real team building experience and you will be a valued member of group with a collective mission.

If volunteering with Action on Elder Abuse sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please contact us at enquiries@elderabuse.org.uk for more information about volunteering opportunities in your area.

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