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    Am older woman of 69. Widow. Autism only confirmed 2016 although suspected since 2007 Autism (Aspergers) + Complex form PTSD diagnosed 1997, previously classified as Chronic Stress Syndrome.

    Haven,t been able to work since Severe Nervous Breakdown in 1988. Been a widow since 1999 at age of 50 following husband,s death at his age of 52 (we,d been married 30 years) following 14 years of his reoccurring brain tumour regrowth since 1985. Loss of our jobs, financial difficulties, loss of our own home, constant moves in rental accomodation due to illnesses and finances. Total insecurity. Failure by Statutory services and Medical Services then. Lived in North West of England at time. Both born in Lancashire. Traumas throughout my life since age 4.

    Moved down to Devon on my own, into rented bed sit in end 1999 following husband death. Wanted to try and start afresh. My Mum,s death in 2007 started Retriggering Traumatic memories. Lots of unsettled rented accomodation moves.

    Currently Live in local authority housing in Devon since 2008. Landlord and some staff not understanding, have been causing me harassment and Victimisation by a number of their actions over many years. Landlord agent/housing manager say they are aware of my Autism/Comoex PTSD and have been since application form submitted in 2007 and yet on numerous Occassions they,ve let their staff and contractors cause me distress and Discriminatiin by their actions/lack of actions. And then they blame me for putting in Complaints and make out that I,m the one at fault despite them knowing of my disabilities and how the symptoms affect me.

    Understanding GP retired approx 2 years ago. Since then life further spiralling out of control. Depression/Anxiety/Suicidal thoughts symptoms are reoccurring more and more frequently. Have previously been removed from GPs lists for No Justifiable reasons due to Complexities of my Health Care Management, and probably because of cost implications and because of symptoms of my Disabilities have what is known as Challenging Behaviour.

    don,t have a supporting Famiky/Friends system.

    No National Autistic Society offices in Area near me. Don,t drive…reliant on public transport.

    Have tried All Local Statutory and Medical to try and get understanding and support Care Planning for me. Have tried voluntary agencies such as Healthwatch/citizens advice bureau/etc. Being ‘passed around system by them All thinking other agencies should deal with it’.

    Have been constantly passed around on a Never Ending…..’Put in Complaint if you not happy’. Struggle to do this without Support. Advocates who were provided had no understanding of Autism and PTSD symptoms and how they affect me as an Individual. Closed their case file down.

    Social services blamed me for not using the inadequate advocacy service and say they closed my case file down.

    Current GP practice is asking that I find another GP practice. I can,t keep moving between GP practices just because they want me to. Or don,t want to handle my concerns/complaints against their practice.

    Local NHS Mental Health Services Appalling and have added to my PTSD Traumatic Experiences since 2000 and up to most recent contact with them last weekend.

    GP practice says to use Local Mental Health Services. Crisis Team and Psychiatric Liaison Team part of LMHServices.

    Local Clinical Commissioning Group say in that case they,ll arrange for me to be Assessed for Services in another area of Devon (Plymouth) but I would have to make my own way there. Plymouth Psychiatrist has already done a phone Assessment detailed Discussion with me and another Psychiatrist who already knows me….and with lots of Evidence based documentation provided. Plymouth psychiatrist wrote written assessment report to Clinical Commissioning Group says Nobody in Plymouth Mental Health Services that can deal with my Complexity of Disabilities and Community Mental Health Services in Plymouth only Caseload Plymouth residents.

    Local Clinical Commissioning Group have received copy of above Assessment from Plymouth advising they can,t help me….and yet CCG say I must go to Plymouth, otherwise they don,t want to know.

    All putting me in Constant Frustrating and Anguishing Never Ending ‘Catch 22’ situation.

    Constantly advise of my distress and Suicidal thoughts reoccurring. Have tried Speaking to Samaritans phone line on many Occassions over the years but All they suggest is talking it over with GP or phoning Emergency Services or Local
    Mental Health Services. These are All services that I have already tried and All they do is suggest phoning Samaritans if I,m not getting help elsewhere. This puts me back into the ‘Never ending loop of Hopelessness/Worthlessness/Victimisation and

    And we All thought after The Autism Act that ‘things would get better and the Statutory and Voluntary Services would be more understanding and co-ordinate our
    Health and Social Care better’.

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