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    Supported living and domiciliary care – the perils of hidden abuse when no-one else is around to see and stop it

    Again abuse by home carers in someones own homw where there is no-one to keep and eye on it. Caught on BBC

    I have concerns about the lack of safeguards in supported living and domiciliary care and personal assistants and other less regulated environments when there are fewer other people about and so less checks and balances and fewer people to pick up abusive acts.

    Abuse and neglect is never acceptable in any environment.
    In care homes and hospitals there usually other staff around who are more likely to pick up on abuse.
    In supported living, dom care etc in people homes there are fewer safeguards as there is no-one else there to detect abuse. The service user could be reluctant to speak up or be afraid to do so. The care worker is not being observed by others so abuse can remain undetected. This is especially the case in lone worker arrangements
    The abuse could be abuse such a physical, financial, verbal etc. Or it could be neglect and/or manipulation.
    eg if it is looking like it is raining and the service user wants to go out, the care worker may not want to go out and “persuade” or manipulate the person into not going out eg “It looks like rain. Maybe we should stay in and go out another time”
    Another example could be the care worker could use the power of suggestion eg saying “John, do you fancy a Chinese tonight? just order a little bit more and if there is any left I will have some”. When the underlying agenda is the care worker wanted the meal.
    Thus people could be manipulated/abused to follow the care workers wishes which may not be picked up as there are no other care workers around as a check and balance. The service user may not become aware that abuse is taking place of be too scared to report it as he may “upset” his carer. This applies to elderly and dementia also

    What are the safeguards in supported living, domiciliary care and other less regulated environments especially in lone working situations. There could be an ocean of high level and low level abuse as well as manipulation going on in these type of environments where there are fewer checks and balances in place and thus they are just not being picked up. It is an area where there maybe an ocean of hidden abuse going on.

    Abuse is abuse in any environment. If the regulations and laws are not in place to enable this then they need to be put in place.


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