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    Hi my 71 year old gran has dementia. She was diagnosed a few years ago and it has progressed slowly but steadily. She is at the stage of forgetting our names and mixing things up. My older sister lives with her in her bought and paid for 3 bedroom house. My sisters partner and 1 year old daughter also live there. My sister is in charge of all my grans dealing as she doesn’t have capacity to make decsions on her own. My sister has already been to the lawyers office with my gran to make changes to her will as my grans son is a drug addict and my gran doesn’t want him to get the house because he would just sell it for drug money, which is understandable. However the issue I have is that my sister works nightshifts at a care home and her partner also works. Sometimes, a few times a week or less he has dayshift the next day. My sister doesn’t get in until 8am but her partner starts work at 6am so he wakes up my gran at 4am to watch my niece until my sister gets in from work. My gran also has an oxygen tank due to copd and amphsemia. I have spoken to my gran about this and she just says I know I know but it’s only a few hours. I have also brought it up with my sister who brushes it off and tries to change the subject. What do can I do? Or am I just overreacting?

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    As there is an adult with dementia at risk and also a young child. It is best to contact the local authority safeguarding teams in the area they both reside and raise an alert. A safeguarding alert is a term used when concerns are raised about a vulnerable adult or child’s welfare. The teams in question have a duty to protect vulnerable adults and children at risk of neglect and abuse. Details of who to contact can be found on the local authority website. A safeguarding alert can be raised anonymously, you do not have to provide any of your personal details. Provide them with any information you feel is necessary so they are able to explore all areas of concern.

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