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    Maria R

    My elderly friend is 80 and has Alzheimer’s (he is very forgetful but very capable in conversation) We have been friends for nearly 50 years. Fifteen years ago he began to help a young Russian man and brought him to England. This man proved to be very unscrupulous and began to systematically try and stop my friend from seeing his other friends. Over the next few years he persuaded him to change the deeds of his property so it is now owned jointly and then to have a civil partnership with him so he could get British nationality. This done he then left my friend (purportedly to work) three years ago to live abroad. He remotely monitored all my friends’ phone calls and recorded them, deleted his emails, and wrote emails pretending to be my friend. In spite of this my friend continued to be loyal to him. About six months ago I was called by my friend’s bank as they were concerned that his account was being tampered with (by the partner). The police investigated the fraud but dropped the case as my friend wouldn’t say anything against his partner. During those six months I and another long-standing friend became my elderly friend’s Powers of Attorney for both welfare and finance and we had been visiting regularly and taking my friend out and to appointments.

    The partner came back a couple of weeks ago and is now preventing anyone from contacting my friend. I managed to call my friend two days ago and he said he wanted to see me but the partner took the phone and said I wasn’t to call. The phone has now been switched off or changed. I went round today and my friend opened the door on a chain and told me it would be better if I didn’t try to see him or make contact (he has never done this before).

    I have told social services and they have started MARAC proceedings. Do you have any advice about what I can do and what I can expect? How can I help someone who does not appear to think there is a problem? Is there any specialist organisation that works with collusion with coercive control?

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    The MARAC is a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. It is a thorough investigation and will look at coercive control. Your friend is probably too scared to ask for help rather than not wanting any help at all. He may be frightened to or not want to be on his own and in a relationship. You are helping just by being a concerned friend even though it may not feel that way.

    Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference
    A Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a local, multi agency victim-focused meeting where information is shared on the highest risk cases of domestic violence and abuse between different statutory and voluntary sector agencies.
    The MARAC aims to:

    · Share information to increase the safety, health and well-being of victims/survivors, adults and their children

    · Determine whether the alleged perpetrator poses a significant risk to any particular individual or to the general community

    · Construct jointly and implement a risk management plan that provides professional support to all those at risk and that reduces the risk of harm

    · Reduce repeat victimisation

    · Improve agency accountability, and

    · Improve support for staff involved in high-risk domestic abuse cases

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