Lucid 95 year old lady in locked dementia unit after signing poa to her brother

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    I regularly visit my mother in a care home where she is in the demetia unit which is locked. I have got to know all the residents who all have advanced dementia, none of them able to talk lucidly, getting get their sentences backwards. However, a 95 year old lady has been moved in to the room next door, she is as bright as any 95 year old, she looks in her 80’s. She explained to me she used to be Captain of the Golf Club, played bridge regularly and had lived with her sister in a flat in Gerrards Cross until she died of cancer. She told me she did have a little trouble with her mobility and uses a frame sometimes. She also told me she asked her brother if he could arrange for care in her home as she would forget silly things like turning the gas off. To cut a long story short, she has been placed in the locked dementia unit by her brother who she signed power of attorney to. Despite calling him and desperately asking staff to help her, she is still there. I have had many conversations with her and all she wants it to be able to be downstairs in the Assisted Living where residents get a little help but are free to do most things. I can’t sit by and watch this poor woman, the home don’t seem to be doing anything. This is the most morally wrong thing I have every come across.

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    If this woman has capacity to make decisions for herself then this is an illegal deprivation of liberty (imprisonment), regardless of whether the brother has power of attorney. Even if she does not have capacity the deprivation of liberty has to be authorised. Additionally, she can revoke the power of attorney by writing to the Office of the Public Guardian.

    We would advise you to make a referral to the local authority Adult Safeguarding Team, providing them with the information you have given on our website, and indicating that you believe this to be an illegal deprivation of liberty. You can do this anonymously. If you do not get an appropriate response then you can ring our helpline on 080 8808 8141, again anonymously, and tell us the name of the person and the care home, and we will take the matter up on your behalf.

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