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    Marguerite Arnold

    I am looking for an attorney willing to take on a high profile case of elder abuse pro bono or as part of a settlement I know we can get.

    My father was unbelievably abused both by my older half brother (a medical doctor in the UK) and his wife (a geriatric care specialist professor at the University of Reading), as well as by other people around him and institutionally (for example I have my dad’s medical notes where he begs a doctor to go to the police and the doctor refuses because he thinks my father is “crazy.”)

    At the time, I was desperately searching for my dad. My brother refused to tell me where he was (over money and a will). My dad’s first wife was Eve Arnold OBE, and most of this last go round happened after 2003 when she was awarded the same.

    There is more to this. It is a public policy case. I was also kidnapped out of the UK in 1980 by my mother (my older brother and stepmother were accessories). This situation represents a massive failure of social services in the protection of both children and vulnerable adults.

    Very, very, well documented case. Please help.

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    Unfortunately we cannot recommend a particular attorney who may be able to take on your case as we cannot guarantee the quality of their services. However, you may want to make contact with Solicitors For the Elderly (SFE) who may be in a better position to signpost you to pro bono organisations / attorneys with the expertise to pursue your case.
    SFE can be contacted on 0844 567 6173 Website: http://www.sfe.legal/public/what-is-sfe

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