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    Patricia O’Hare

    Mum was elderly and frail. Admitted to hospital over the new year period. Kept in for observation and was told she could go home the next day. Her discharge was delayed without reason. She protested over a 2 day period and kept insisting that she did not want or need excessive amounts of oxygen. She was isolated to a side room and given an anal screening test which she protested against. Mum has a stoma due to a colostomy. Her protests went ignored. At 0:500 hours on Jan 2nd 2016 mum told staff I am dying (they recorded her words in the Contemporaneous notes) but did not report it internally or to her family. At this point her oxygen levels had far exceeded national guidelines and her Rx. No Doctor was informed. Mum was discharged without any care package and anyone being informed of this serious incident and within hours of her discharge mum died. Before mums death she spoke to me for approx 45 min account of the abuse and neglect that she had suffered. She asked me to write a letter. She was aware of her impending death. Since her death I have written and complained and through my extensive research of mums medical notes I have now brought about a serious incident requiring investigation report with the Trust. The Trust and it’s staff sought to hide this terrible neglect and abuse of my dear mum.

    If we stand by and ignore the wrong done to our elderly then we are as guilty as the very people that inflict the harm. Mums last words to “write a letter” has to be the goal of all of us as we seek to stop the cruelty that so many of our elderly are facing everyday.

    Thank you

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