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    A leading current affairs programme is making a programme about financial abuse of the elderly.
    We would like to talk to families who are worried their loved ones have become a victim of crime in their own home and would like to ensure this evidence is recorded.

    Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about this or discuss it further. Thank you.

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    Fiona Forbes Carson

    My aunt has Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s dementia and vascular dementia. Her neighbours have her bank card, in the run up to Christmas last year her account was ravaged by several thousands in cash withdrawals. We have put this in the hands of a solicitor, they have had sole access to her money for at least ten years. She has a healthy pension income, but to give an example in the three month period up to Christmas last year, her income in total was 6k and her expenditure was 4.8…. The majority of which was cash withdrawal on her card. Apparently they treat her like their mother…. As quoted to us by a social worker this year, and just want to take her out for meals…but, her card shows 149 debit in December last year on her birthday, face book has picture of her with neighbours posted as family on the same day….so she paid for that meal.

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      From your message it is unclear whether your aunt retains mental capacity or not? Also, if there has been any previous consent granted by your aunt to the neighbour (at any point during the last 10 years) for them to have access to her accounts / bank card?
      We would suggest you ring in to our helpline to provide us with some more information for us to be able to respond with some guidance / information.
      080 8808 8141 Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm.

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    Do you still need examples of financial abuse of the elderly? Currently going through a nightmare in our family, these abusers can be so convincing

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