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    I witnessed my mum being subjected to financial abuse in 2010. I told safeguarding but they didn’t do anything. I told Police and they wouldn’t do anything except to say that only my mum can report it. I tried to explain that she has dementia and is in no position to realise she is a victim and therefore not able to relay the evidence. I have all evidence but still she is not protected. I discovered that the Home Office Counting Rules state that third parties or witnesses can make a report on behalf of the victim, even without the victim’s permission. Check this out
    Read from Page 3 onwards of the Home Office Counting Rules. Don’t let anyone fob you off like I was.

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    Ruth Wolveridge

    If your Mum has dementia formally diagnosed, she would almost certainly be protected by the Mental Capacity Act; her GP or Psychiatrist should be able to help report financial abuse.

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