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    I am executor of the will for Mrs A who is now over 90 but mentally fine. She is rich but has already given about 3 million worth of assets to her adopted daughter and the house she lives in she left to a charity a in her will. Recently the adopted daughter,a distant cousin and son in law together with a servant got her a document to sign and as her English is not good and can’t read the document she later just told me that i told them i didn’t want to give my home to my grand son (of the adopted daughter). After getting this signature the elderly woman became a slave in her own home and now it’s been about two years they have been making sure no one specially me gets to talk or see her alone to tell her of what they have done to her will. She has called other friends recently to say they’re there to kill her for her house and that son in law has said the house and it’s contents are mine. She has asked for being saved but when I sent the police they said she is safe and well. Friends have seen her shaking when the maid talks to her even in their presence. And me they accused of fraud when i went to pick her up after she told me i have to see you out of this house. They called the police accused me of 90k fraud and the police just arrested me!!!! I was shocked and felt betrayed by the system i always trusted. Now I’m on bail can’t go there and this old lady is still in the same situation.

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    This very complicated situation is likely to remain a police matter. Alternatively, if you believe the lady is at risk from abuse or harm, you could raise your concerns with her local Adult Safeguarding Unit. Contact details are found easily online (e.g. search: Kent Adult Safeguarding), but can be provided for you if you know Mrs A’s local authority. It would be appropriate to encourage safeguarding to visit Mrs A in isolation from other members of her family, and to use an interpreter.

    With regard to your responsibility as executor of the will, and your personal liability in this situation, it may be best to seek legal advice. We usually recommend Solicitors for the Elderly (0844 567 6173), who may be able to offer a free preliminary consultation.

    It would not be appropriate for us to speculate on the situation, and would require more information for further comment. If you would like to discuss this in greater detail, you can call our confidential free helpline (0808 808 8141) during office hours.

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