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    My Great Aunt appears to suffering abuse at the hands of her middle aged son who lives at home. He has mental health problems and has only recently been declared fit to return to work. He also has debt problems which he is looking to her to solve. She is in her mid sixties with limited English. She is spending nights sofa surfing between different family members including at my mother’s house. This evening I learnt that he had grabbed by the throat and threatened to kill her. I know she should ring the police but doubt that she will. He is effectively driving her out of her home. Is there anyone in your organisation who is a fluent Greek speaker to help her understand her rights and her options? Or can you point me to a website or other organisation that might be able to help.

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    From the situation you are describing, it may be best to refer your aunt to Adult Safeguarding. This is an organisation which is responsible for protecting vulnerable adults, and has authority to intervene where appropriate. They will be able to meet your aunt to assess her situation, and will be able to provide a translator. Adult safeguarding units operate in each local authority; details are usually found easily online (e.g. Search: Kent Adult Safeguarding).

    Additional support may be found via National Centre for Domestic Violence (who can provide temporary injunctions to help protect vulnerable adults) and Women’s Aid (who can provide specialist support to women who are exposed to physical or domestic abuse). Unfortunately, our organisation is not currently able to offer translation services – but you are welcome to call our free helpline (0808 808 8141) for further information or guidance.

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