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    S. Smith

    I have recently started working at a care home of the elderly. Lots of the residents are requiring the assistance of two carers. I have had to report recently that these activities are regularly being carried out by single carers to ‘save time’.
    A recent trauma to one resident is believed to be a result of this behaviour by care staff.
    Since my complaint the management is appearing to try and crack down on inappropriate moving and handling techniques, although it is still going on.
    Due to shortage of staff residents can be found desperately requiring the use of the toilets, sometimes waiting up to one hour if staff not available. Staff are rushed in their approach. Task orientated rather than relationship orientated.
    One man was assisted by myself and another and as I began to ask the gentleman’s consent to assist him to use the stand aid, the other carer brusquely said’come on then’ and pushed him up. Before he could grab the correct rail directly in front if him with his ‘good arm’ the carer started putting the paddle seats down with the service user stating he was not ready and he stated he wasn’t holding on properly. The carer then brusquely pushed him back into a standing position, removed the paddles and hastily told him to sit down.
    I have a very good and professional relationship with this service user and my heart broke when I saw his face once he was in his wheelchair.
    This is the nature of this busy home.
    Someone recently told me not to bother offering drinks to those people bed bound in the afternoon. I was told simply to make sure those on ‘food and fluid’ charts had a drink. I firmly told the carer that everyone will be offered a drink regardless how long it takes if no one is prepared, or available, to help me.
    One resident is known to press his buzzer regularly. He is now informed by nurses and carers that if he keeps doing it he will be transferred to another ward and his call bells are being documented. He admitted to a carer the other day he was afraid of pressing his call bell now. One nurse angrily told him that if he pressed his bell again she would immediately call the mental health team. She was bluffing. He did press again so she went in with the phone and pretended to dial. The resident, she reported, which much humour, panicked and said ‘I won’t do it, don’t call them’. The nurse then said he was quite all night. I feel this is emotional abuse.
    I have kept a diary of all my concerns. Nearly every shift has an entry.
    I am also being bullied by my senior and other carers because I want to carry out my role properly. I am being supported by two wonderful carers who have received the same treatment.
    I have expressed my concerns to my line manager who says that the issues I have raised are new to her and that there has never been a problem before. When I give her examples of situations that have concerned I am repeatedly informed that it can’t be right. I feel defeated and that I will have to let the residents down by leaving.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear about the concerns you have about the home that you work in, and that you are also being bullied in the work place. There seem to be some serious issues taking place, that are affecting not only you but other staff and residents.

    As you have raised these concerns with your line manager and they have not been addressed, your alternatives are to contact The Whistleblowing Helpline (http://wbhelpline.org.uk) offers free advice to both workers and employers in the NHS and social care; you can call the helpline on 08000 724 725.

    CQC (Care Quality Commission) who regulate care services need to know about in appropriate activities and staff conduct. They are contactable on 0300 061 6161

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