Northern Ireland Election Manifesto

Northern Ireland Election Manifesto

Action on Elder Abuse Northern Ireland calls for political leadership to end elder abuse in its manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections

Action on Elder Abuse Northern Ireland (AEA Northern Ireland) has published its manifesto for the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly elections. The charity is asking all candidates to commit to ending elder abuse, and to ensure that it is always challenged and there is adequate support for victims. AEA Northern Ireland is also calling for candidates to build a robust and fit for purpose legislative framework for safeguarding all adults at risk of abuse in the country.

In the year ending March 2015, Action on Elder Abuse received 21,267 calls from across the UK to its helpline, Elder Abuse Response. These calls were from victims of abuse, and relatives, carers and practitioners who had suspected or witnessed the crime.

Veronica Gray, Director of Action on Elder Abuse Northern Ireland, said today “We know that the abuse of older people is underreported in Northern Ireland. Whether that abuse is physical, sexual, psychological, financial, or neglect, it is imperative that our Assembly demonstrates leadership in raising awareness of these most abhorrent crimes committed against some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Where crimes are committed against older people, they must be investigated by the police and presented for prosecution. Additionally, the lack of a legal framework to support practitioners must be addressed if we are to create a safer community for older people.”

AEA Northern Ireland is seeking a commitment from all political parties and candidates to:

  1. Commit to raising awareness of elder abuse, including how to prevent, recognise and respond to abuse.
  2. Develop a robust and transparent legal framework for the prevention of abuse and protection of all adults at risk in Northern Ireland.
  3. Protect all older people by ensuring they have access to care services where staff are fairly paid, and properly trained and managed. This must include care services in rural areas.
  4. Ensure that the Police Service of Northern Ireland gives a high priority to investigating allegations about abuse and crimes against older people and committing these for prosecution.
  5. Commit to establishing a statutory definition of elder abuse, with abuse of older people prosecuted as an offence.

No older person should live in fear or be subjected to abuse. Action on Elder Abuse is asking all parties to clearly express what they will do to remove the scourge of abuse and neglect of older people in Northern Ireland, and to show that they believe older people deserve better.

Click here for the full manifesto

for more information on Action on Elder Abuse Northern Ireland please contact:

Veronica Gray
Action on Elder Abuse Northern Ireland
Tel: 0749 666 3816

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