How The Alarm Works No Landline Needed

This simple to use personal alarms system allows people without landlines to still have access to a telecare system.

The alarm uses a mobile phone SIM card (not included) to make the emergency calls and send the emergency texts (not compatible with Three Mobile). You can use either a monthly contract SIM card or a Pay As You Go SIM. SIM cards can be obtained from supermarkets or mobile phone shops at little, or no, cost.

You wear the alarm button either on a pendant around the neck, or on a wrist strap. In the event of a fall or sudden illness all you have to do is press the button and it will activate the alarm. The alarm will call up to five different telephone numbers , it will also send up to five emergency text messages. If the first telephone number does not answer, or it goes to voicemail, it moves on to the second number. And so on… the alarm will go through each of your five contacts until one is answered.

The pendant is water resistant and suitable for use in the shower. It has a range of up to 80m (260ft) and will typically cover a normal sized British home. The alarms base unit has a self-charging battery back-up that lasts up to 24 hours in the event of a power cut. A warning message is also sent to the nominated contacts in the event of a power cut, or the base unit being unplugged from the mains.

The alarm comes with optional extra accessories:

Additional Pendant:
Get an additional pendant for your alarm. This can be used by a second person in the house, or kept as a spare should the first be misplaced.

The speaker provides the ability to have two-way communication between the user and the person answering the emergency call, allowing the respondent to talk to the user to assess the situation in more detail.. Without the speaker the respondent can listen in to what is happening when the alarm call is answered but they cannot talk to the user.

Emergency Wall Buttons:
These wireless static wall buttons can be placed in high risk places around the home such as low on the floor in the bathroom or at the foot of the stairs. If the user forgets to wear the pendant for example when getting up during the night to visit the bathroom, you still have protection in the highest risk locations.

Fire Alarm:
More than a simple noise emitting detector, this smoke and heat alarm will activate the alarms base unit and start making emergency calls and sending emergency texts. You can alert your nominated contacts when the alarm detects smoke or fire in case of incapacitation..