How The Alarm Works – Guardian Angel Alarms

Freedom Telecare’s Guardian Angel Alarms provide protection against abuse at home. The user wears an alarm button on a pendant around their neck. This can either be worn under clothing so that it is not visible, or on top of clothing as the pendant looks the same as a normal personal alarm for the elderly.

The pendant is linked to the alarms base unit, which is plugged into the telephone line. The pendant has a range of up to 100m (330ft). The alarm base unit needs to be installed in the room where the abuse is most likely to occur e.g. the living room so that calls can be monitored and recorded. The alarm base unit can be installed discreetly out of view to avoid detection (subject to individual circumstances).

When the user presses the pendant button it activates the alarm silently. There are no indications that an alarm has been activated, either visible or audible. The alarm contacts our 24/7 response centre, who will listen in to what is happening and take the appropriate steps. This could include:
1. Contact nominated family & friends contacts
2. Contact the police
3. Activate the speaker and warn the abuser that they are being monitored (in an attempt to deter them)

All alarm activations are also recorded and can be used as evidence in any future prosecution.

Optional Extra:

Bogus Caller Alarm Buttons:
The static alarm buttons can be conveniently placed next to the front door and can be activated if the user is uncomfortable with anyone that has come to the door. They simply press the button to activate the alarm and it dials through to the response centre silently. The response centre operative will then follow the same procedure as identified above.

Setting it up yourself is easy. The alarm base unit is plugged into a power socket, close to the main telephone socket. You then simply unplug your telephone from the telephone socket and plug it into the back of the alarm, with the alarm directly plugged into your landline with the cable provided. Make sure you test the device after setting it up.

Freedom Telecare also offer a national installation and demonstration service that is included as part of your order. An engineer will visit within five working days at a time convenient for you, to install the unit and show you how to operate it.

In order to use the service you will need either:
• Two key holders that live within 15-20 minutes
• One key holder within 15-20 minutes and a key safe (see Key Safe’s for more details)

After completing your purchase online, a Freedom Telecare operative will call you to take the details necessary to complete your order. This will include details to allow us to set up your direct debit.

Please note that this is a 12 month agreement for service, and the equipment is provided on a rental basis. All equipment must be returned undamaged and in good working order should you cancel service after 12 months.