How The Alarm Works – Family and Friends Alarms

The alarm is designed with simplicity in mind – it is incredibly easy to both set-up and use.

The alarm base unit plugs into a power socket and also into a telephone socket, a telephone splitter/double adaptor is provided so that the alarm plugs in alongside your telephone, without interfering with it. Does this suggest the first alarm interferes with the telephone line?

Up to three telephone numbers of family and friends can be programmed in using the telephone keypad on top of the alarms base unit. You can also record a help message that is played to the person answering the emergency call.

The alarm comes with both a pendant alarm button (water resistant) and a wristband alarm button (splash proof). The pendant has a range of up to 50m (165ft).

If the user has a fall, or feels unwell, all they need to do is press the pendant or wristband button to activate the alarm. The alarm will then dial the first number stored, if there is no answer (or it goes to voicemail) then it moves onto the second number. The alarm will call each number in sequence up to 5 times, making a total of 15 attempted calls. When a call is connected, two-way communication is possible through the speaker and microphone in the alarms base unit.

Batteries can be inserted in case of power cut (not included).