How The Alarm Works – Fall Detection Alarms

The fall alarm uses ‘smart technology’ to automatically detect falls. A barometer measures changes in air pressure, and an accelerometer measures changes in air speed. This combined with the movement of the wearer allows the device to accurately detect when a fall occurs, and distinguish genuine falls from other day-to-day actions e.g. sitting down.

The sensor can be worn either as a pendant, clipped to your belt or clipped to your clothing – like a broach (not available for the wrist). In order to improve the accuracy of the sensor, an engineer will install the equipment, fine tuning the sensors to the user’s height and preferred wearing position. There is no additional charge for this service.

The pendant is waterproof and can be worn in the shower. It has a range of up to 100m (330ft) and covers most people’s homes and gardens. We recommend that you test the range of the pendant when you first receive it, and test the equipment at least once a month.

The pendant can be activated in two ways:
1. The pendant can be manually activated the alarm by a simple press of the button
2. The pendant can detect a fall*. The pendant can sense a fall and will activate the alarm when the user is unable to e.g. if they are unconscious.

The fall alert pendant works when connected to a Freedom Telecare monitored alarm service. When the pendant is pressed, or it senses a fall, it activates the alarm base unit and automatically dials through to our 24/7 alarm response centre. Once connected, one of our trained response operatives will arrange for the appropriate help. The ongoing monthly fee for this service is £14.99 (+VAT).

After completing your purchase online, a Freedom Telecare operative will call you to take the details necessary to complete your order. This will include details to allow us to set up your direct debit. Please note that this is a 12 month agreement for service, and the alarm equipment is provided on a rental basis (the fall pendant is purchased outright, not rented). All equipment must be returned undamaged and in good working order should you cancel service after 12 months.

* given the varied natures of falls, automatic fall detection is not guaranteed to detect every fall.