How The Alarm Works – ‘Anywhere’ Alarms

The alarm composes of a pendant, a mobile application and a compatible mobile phone (Android smartphone 4.4 and above).

The pendant is worn around the neck and is linked to the mobile phone. When the alarm is used at home, the mobile phone can be left on a table or in a drawer as the pendant has a range of up to 80m (240ft).

When the alarm is used outside of the home, the user simply needs to keep wearing the pendant (which can be tucked under their clothing) and carry their mobile phone in their bag or pocket as usual.

The pendant is worn around the neck and has two main features:
1. The pendant can manually activate the alarm by a simple press of the button.
2. The pendant also has automatic fall detection* built in as standard. The pendant can sense a fall and will activate the alarm when the user is unable to e.g. if they are unconscious.

The pendant is water resistant, it is designed and recommended for use in the shower. It is very convenient to use, it does not need recharging. The battery life (based on normal use) is a minimum of 1 year.

The alarm is programmed to call one primary friend or and family contact. Up to four further nominated contacts can be added, who will each will receive text messages notifying them that you have activated your alarm. All five contacts will also receive text messages that identify the alarm’s location when activated. This will be in the form of both a Google maps location and an approximate street address.

The friends and family contact telephone numbers used need to be mobile phone numbers. Not using mobile numbers will prevent the text messages (including location information) from being received.

Additional features include:
• Activity monitoring: counting your steps on a daily basis (optional)
• Activity sharing: sending activity details to nominated contacts (optional)
• Non-use alert: notifying emergency contacts when the pendant hasn’t been worn for 72 hours (optional)

Freedom Telecare can provide a compatible mobile phone, designed with simplicity in mind, should you require one. This phone is compatible with all major networks and you should be able to use your existing SIM card, supporting both contract plans and pay as you go.

A quarterly service charge of £12.50 is payable for the tracking platform, a Freedom Telecare operative will contact you shortly after your purchase to set up your direct debit. Updates and enhancements will be available periodically and will be free of charge.

* given the varied natures of falls, automatic fall detection is not guaranteed to detect every fall.