AEA Launches Partnership With Freedom Telecare

Action on Elder Abuse launched the partnership with Freedom Telecare in November 2016. Our CEO, Gary FitzGerald, here writes about why we launched this initiative and what we hope it will provide to older people in the UK.

“As a charity that is seeking to challenge the abuse of older people we have two perspectives on what we are doing. The first is obviously to ensure appropriate intervention and support when someone is the victim of abuse, so that it stops and the person can recover from the experience.

But an equally important aspect for us is to seek ways in which we can prevent abuse happening in the first place. It is obviously better if someone never becomes a victim. Part of the work of our helpline is to provide advice and guidance on prevention, so that people can retain control over their lives and property.

 The Freedom Telecare initiative is an important part of our prevention strategy. We know that many older victims are either alone, or are living with people who exploit and hurt them. We know some victims are subjected to doorstep crimes, where they have no one immediately at hand to intervene on their behalf. Being able to push a button and have someone you trust (and that can include our Helpline) immediately notified that you are in trouble, that allows you to warn a potential abuser or thief that help is on the way, can be an invaluable means of deterrence and protection.

 In Freedom Telecare we have chosen a partner who understands what we are seeking to do, and who shares our vision of a future for older people that is free of abuse. They are a partner who have demonstrated to us the robustness and reliability of the systems and services on offer and who are willing to work with us to achieve our goals. It is one more step in our plans to ensure safety and protection for our older generations.”

Gary FitzGerald, CEO, Action on Elder Abuse