Free Financial Abuse booklet download

Free Financial Abuse booklet download

Action on Elder Abuse has developed a new booklet offering advice and guidance on the subject of financial elder abuse, available for free download now.

With tips on what to look out for, who is at risk and how people may protect themselves, the booklet condenses AEA’s 23 years of experience and knowledge on the subject of financial elder abuse into 12 easy to understand pages.

“Theft from older people is on the increase and worryingly the thieves are often people they should be able to trust, care workers, family and so-called friends”, says Action on Elder Abuse Chief Executive, who says financial elder abuse is set to be the major crime of the 21st century. “When money or valuables go missing it can be too easy to assume that the older person is at fault, but we would encourage people to be far more suspicious and to investigate further.” The new booklet succinctly summarises the various forms of this type of abuse, as well as the warning signs friends, relatives and neighbours should look out for.

Click here for your free download of Action on Elder Abuse’s financial abuse booklet

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