Financial Abuse Seminar – 21st April 2017

Financial Abuse Seminar – 21st April 2017

What are they?
These are intense half day courses, designed to equip you with an understanding of the legal possibilities in challenging financial abuse. The course is intended for anyone who interacts with actual or potential victims of financial abuse, including local authority finance staff, voluntary groups, solicitors, police etc. You do not need advance knowledge of the subject before attending

Seminar Outline

Definitions of vulnerability and of financial abuse                            Understanding of different types of offences, with case examples
The nature of victims, who they are and why this happens              The nature of perpetrators, who they are and why they do it
The prevalence and extent of financial abuse                                   Consideration of the various crime situations, with case examples
Key issues to consider in tackling financial abuse                              
The role that civil law solicitors can play

By the end of the session participants will have an understanding of the extent of financial abuse, the nature of such abuse, including victims and perpetrators, and the options for using of the law in protecting victims, including the specific value of civil law in such matters including the use of solicitors in the process. Participants will have a greater potential to challenge and address financial abuse.

On completion of the seminar a certificate of attendance will be awarded to each delegate.


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