Elder abuse is a crime, now let’s make it one

How much longer must we wait for justice for older people?

There are a number of ways that you can help the campaign to achieve a criminal charge of elder abuse, and stop the horrendous treatment of our old people. Too many suffer for months or years and then die without ever seeing their tormentor, thief or abuser face justice for what they have done. This cannot go on and we need to all help each other to bring it to an end.


You can sign the petition. 

If it gets 10,000 signatures the Government must respond

If it gets 100,000 the proposal will be debated in Parliament.

Sign the petition here  (Only British citizens and UK residents can sign)


You can write to your M.P., MSP., or Assembly member

And tell them that you want an aggravated offence of elder abuse.

You can find out who your representative is by clicking here.

You can download a model letter here.


You can write to your local newspaper and encourage people to sign the petition

The more people who know about the campaign increases the likelihood of achieving 10,000 and then 100,000 signatures.

You can download a model letter here.


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