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What are Personal Alarms for the elderly? Quite simply they are personal safety devices that allow the user to call for help at the push of an elderly alarm button. This is a small pendant that is worn around the neck. If the wearer falls, feels ill or has another safety concern such as a break-in or fire, then they can push the elderly alarm button even if they can’t get to the phone. Help is always at hand. This is great peace of mind for both the user and their loved ones.

Personal alarms can also be a vital link to the outside world for elderly Britons feeling isolated, vulnerable or at risk. They give the ability to contact a friend or loved one at the touch of a button should they feel uncertain about someone visiting their home, someone at their door they don't know or trust, feeling unsafe around a voluntary visitor to the home or similar.

Studies show that early medical attention following a fall or sudden illness significantly increases the chance of a full recovery. In some circumstances it is lifesaving. Elderly alarms are an excellent way of getting the help that is needed in the event of such an emergency.

Elderly alarms can also help Britons maintain their independence for longer.Confidence and independence at home is a very important factor in maintaining wellbeing – if people feel self-assured then they stay active, if they stay active then they stay healthier.

Who are Action on Elder Abuse?

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) is a registered charity that believes that all older people have the right to live free from fear and abuse. AEA campaigns to protect elderly Britons from mistreatment and operates a confidential help and advice line for those at risk.

AEA have partnered with Bora Health, a global leader in independent living products, to bring you the AEA SureSafe Alarm. The AEA SureSafe Alarm is a ‘family & friends’ personal alarm which means that it is pre-programmed with the telephone numbers of up to three family and friends in the event of an emergency. When the wearer pushes the lightweight alarm button necklace the AEA SureSafe Alarm dials each of the three numbers in turn until the call is answered. The alarm can also be programmed to dial 999.

There are no set-up costs, no monthly fees or ongoing charges with the AEA SureSafe Personal Alarm, simply a one-off payment. In contrast to many monitored alarms that use call centres and charge upwards of £200 per year, here there are no ongoing fees ever! The alarm is also very easy to install, simply plug it in alongside your existing telephone (all necessary connections are provided), program in the three numbers and away you go.

From only £89

VAT relief is also available for eligible purchasers. Please see below for more details.

Why buy a personal alarm for the elderly?

Personal alarms support seniors in maintaining independent living and are an essential part of everyday life for millions across the UK. They offer three main benefits, all equally important:

1.Increased Safety – help is available at the push of a button.
2.Improved Confidence – continue to live independently and with confidence.
3.Increased Peace of Mind – for both the user and their loved ones.

Why Choose an AEA SureSafe Personal Alarm for the Elderly?

  • Peace of Mind for You or Your Loved One
  • Alarm automatically dials 3 programmed family & friends numbers
  • 2 x water resistant pendant for use in the shower or bath
  • Calls someone you know for help, not a call center
  • One-off payment. No monthly monitoring fees… Ever!
  • No installation required, simply plug and go!
  • Buy with confidence… and a 7 day money back guarantee
  • Next day dispatch available
  • Join thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

Buy & Donate at the same time…
20% of all sales will be used by AEA to continue the fight against elder abuse. We thank you for your support in choosing an AEA SureSafe Alarm.

If you have any questions on the AEA SureSafe Alarm then please call us free on 0800 112 3201

If your company would like to make a donation of AEA SureSafe Personal Alarms for the most vulnerable members of the community then please call us on 01483 421296.

About Bora Health:

Bora Health Limited, part of the Bora Health Group of Companies, have operations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. With the vision of ‘making independent living possible for everyone, not just those that can afford it’ Bora Health have thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

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