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Celebrities who have helped us


There are many people in public life who have supported the work that we do, and these include our patrons, politicians and people in the media. They are a diverse group of people but they share a common goal, which is a desire to challenge elder and adult abuse.

When people in public life support our goals it helps to bring the abuse of older people into the light, so that it is no longer an issue hidden behind closed doors. We are therefore grateful for whatever support people feel able to give, and it all helps.

Together we can make a difference.

Donal McIntyre has regularly worked with us on TV and radio, and is a strong supporter of our work.

Richard Briers starred in the elder abuse film ‘Dad’ and supported our financial abuse leaflets. He also did our 2011 Radio 4 financial appeal.

Jean Heywood starred in the elder abuse film ‘Dad’ and has kept in contact with our work

John Humphreys did the 2004 Radio 4 financial appeal for us.

Russell Grant opened our new helpline facilities and is an ongoing supporter of our work

Sarah Lancashire did the 2007 Radio 4 financial appeal for us.

Tony Robinson is one of our patrons and a strong supporter of our work.


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Celebrities who support us

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