AEA teams up with Suresafe Alarms to launch Freedom Telecare

AEA teams up with Suresafe Alarms to launch Freedom Telecare

Last week Action on Elder Abuse launched a collection of personal safety alarms for older people in partnership with SureSafe Alarms.

The Freedom Telecare range supports AEA’s mission to ensure the safety of older people, offering them and their families security and peace of mind via a series of personal alarms. Produced by SureSafe Alarms, a leading international personal alarm company, Freedom Telecare provides an unparalleled sense of reassurance to older people, and includes a wide range of products to suit all needs and budgets.

Using information and communication technology, the alarms offer the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of older people. Many of the items in the Freedom Telecare collection are connected to a monitoring centre staffed by trained operators who are on hand to answer alarm calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while others are directly connected to friends and family. The Freedom Telecare range includes pendants that may be worn around the neck or on the wrist, alongside base units that work with a telephone system, either landline or GSM.

Leading the range of products — which fall under six categories — is an alarm specifically designed to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse in their homes, and which may be linked to bogus caller button that allows the user to activate a silent alarm if they are uncomfortable with anyone that comes to the door. Additionally, the range includes new ‘Anywhere’ alarm, represented for the first time in the UK exclusively by SureSafe. A fully mobile device, this alarm gives wearers protection both indoors and outdoors, and features fall detection, which automatically activates the alarm when the wearer can’t.

“Freedom Telecare will help older people, and the infirm, continue to live independently – safer and for longer”, says Daniel Westhead, Director of SureSafe Alarms. “This range has the potential to improve the overall quality of life of wearers, who may feel more confident knowing that help is just the touch of a button away. They also offer peace of mind to loved ones that mum, dad, grandma or grandad is not alone when they are in need help.”

Action on Elder Abuse CEO, Gary FitzGerald, said: “The Freedom Telecare initiative is an important part of our prevention strategy.

“We know that many older victims are either alone, or are living with people who exploit and hurt them. We know some victims are subjected to doorstep crimes, where they have no-one immediately at hand to intervene on their behalf. Being able to push a button and have someone you trust — and that can include the AEA Elder Abuse Response helpline —immediately notified that you are in trouble, can be an invaluable means of deterrence and protection.”

A market leader in the field of telecare and assistive technology company, SureSafe Alarms was founded in 2012 and specialises in personal alarms for older people. With operations in the UK, the USA and Australia, the company is dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of older Britons.

Prices start at £89.95 for a ‘Family & Friends’ non-monitored alarm, with monthly fees for monitored alarms starting from £9.99 per month.

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