• Over 500,000 older people are abused in the UK each year
  • Elder abuse can occur anywhere. This includes in someone’s own home, a residential home, or a hospital
  • Both older men and women can be at risk of abuse, though a majority of victims are women over the age of 70
  • There are five common types of abuse: physical, psychological, financial, sexual abuse and neglect
  • Join us, support us, donate to us. Let's end elder abuse together

Welcome to Action on Elder Abuse

Welcome to
Action on Elder Abuse


Read about our campaign for a criminal charge of elder abuse

Research from Action on Elder Abuse shows that it is possible that one million older people in the UK have experienced abuse. Read more about the nationwide survey here.

We work to protect and prevent the abuse of vulnerable older adults and by doing so we also protect other adults a risk of abuse. We are the first charity to address these problems and are the only charity in the United Kingdom working exclusively on the issue today. Consequently, when you provide support to us, or make a donation, you can be sure that it will be only be used on issues relating to elder abuse and nothing else.

Our work is fundamental to challenging elder abuse:
We constantly need financial support to continue our activities. Although we are as effective as many of the bigger charities, we receive only a fraction of their income. Help us continue to make a difference by making a donation today. There are a variety of ways to do this: you can donate on your mobile phone, visit our Just Giving page, or click on the ‘Donate Now’ tab to find out more options. Together we can end elder abuse.



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